Apple to take pre-orders ahead of 7 October launch of next iPhone?

17 Aug 2011

There are indications Apple may be taking pre-orders for the next-generation iPhone which is expected to go on sale on 7 October.

A report on 9to5mac suggests Apple had a choice between 7 October and 14 October, but may opt for the earlier date because it is satisfied with the mass pre-production yields achieved by its manufacturers.

This means if Apple does make the move towards pre-orders it is likely to kick off on 30 September, indicating a September launch event where Apple CEO Steve Jobs will showcase the device ahead of it going on sale.

The iPhone rumour mill has been in full swing for months now, and it now seems the technology giant may be planning two devices:

  • An upgrade on the still successful iPhone 4 – most likely to be called the iPhone 4S, which may boast a faster processor and, in certain markets, an LTE capability
  • The much-anticipated iPhone 5 – the next generation of the iPhone family, which may come with a faster A5 processor, curved glass and the next generation of Apple’s Retina family

The truest thing that can be said is that no one can definitively say what Apple is planning as the company has maintained a strict shroud of secrecy and has thus far managed to avoid embarrassing leaks or missing devices popping up on blogs.

Some of the theories being flouted include a tear-shaped (from the side) device, panoramic photography capabilities, full-screen glass display and a voice-based personal navigation system.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years