Apple TV needed for Siri commands on HomeKit services

12 Jan 2015

This year’s CES has revealed that Siri commands attributed to your HomeKit will need a third-generation Apple TV, running 7.0 or later, to work.

According to a report on The Verge, HomeKit product developers, who have been vague with their plans thus far, have confirmed that Siri will need the TV.

Indeed each of the new Wi-Fi devices at CES, billed for HomeKit use, share the one common trait – “an Apple TV is required if you want to control them with Siri while away from home.”

Back in June, Apple announced a new suite of services under the headings HomeKit and HealthKit. Amid the general acceptance of the ‘internet of things’ narrative, the tech giant was seeking out a way to personalise this, as only Apple can.

So HomeKit, for managing technology in the home, and HealthKit, for managing one of your countless wearable pieces of technology, were created.

Indeed at the time, CEO Tim Cook was lauding the potential of this new space. “We are getting all our devices and services to work together in harmony – to create a continuous and integrated experience across products.

“Developers can create powerful apps faster and more easily than they’ve ever been able. Our devices, platforms and services will all come together to give a seamless experience for users that is unparalleled in the industry. This is something only Apple can do.”

CES has seen a raft of HomeKit focused creations revealed, such as power adaptors, light bulb adapters, door locks and even a garage door opener.

However due to the understandably strict rules which Apple force developers to adhere to, and the slow progress in getting this whole thing up and running so far, smartening up your home is not quite possible just yet.

An Apple TV will be needed for Siri commands, relating to HomeKit

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic