Apple TV set to sell 1 million units this week

22 Dec 2010

Apple is on course to sell 1 million of its Apple TV units by the end of the week.

The latest Apple TV was released three months ago and offered users the ability to watch movies and TV shows from iTunes and stream content from the internet on a HD TV. It also uses AirPlay to allow users to wirelessly stream content from iOS devices to Apple TV.

Apple also said iTunes users are now renting and buying more than 400,000 episodes of TV shows and more than 150,000 per day.

It’s predecessor was released in 2007, retailing at €299. It was made more as a ‘hobby’ product.

However, considering the changes in media consumption in recent years – not to mention the current Apple TV’s price drop to €99 – it was inevitable that this new product would do well.

It’ll be interesting to see how other companies’ internet TV services fare when they get released next year.