Apple update comes on stream, with emojis for everybody (except gingers)

9 Apr 2015

Yosemite’s latest upgrade – OS X v10.10.3 – has been released to the public, with a brand new Photos app, improvements to Safari, better screen sharing and hundreds of new emojis.

The new emojis, while minor in terms of technological creativity, stand out most.

No longer just the yellow options, by swirling throughout the suite of faces now you can choose characters like policemen or nurses and alter the skin tone.

A constant bug bear of Apple users, the limited emojis of a bygone era (yesterday) were a surprising flaw in iOS and Yosemite.

Although not everyone is pleased, with a colleague in the Silicon Republic office still distraught that “us gingers” are being ignored.

The new emojis are pretty cool, but don’t please everyone…

The larger upgrade, in truth, is the new Photos service. It kind of combines iPhoto and Aperture, offering a new way of organising your images, with a nice touch of storing low-res photos on the app and storing the higher-res versions in your iCloud Photo Library.

You can edit and arrange your photos pretty much any way you want, and it’s apparently quite quick compared to iPhoto.

Tools like Enhance, Color and Lighting are pretty cool, with RAW formats supported.

However, as Mac Rumours explains, “it lacks many power features that professional users have become accustomed to in its current incarnation, like plug-ins, a loupe, brushable adjustments, and custom metadata fields.”

The upgrade should be a prompt on your device, with full details here.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic