Apple Watch coming to Europe in April

3 Mar 2015

Soon after its US release, the Apple Watch will come to Europe, with German staff reportedly assured they will sell the devices before April is out.

The much anticipated launch of Apple’s entry into the burgeoning smart wrist device market may be more widespread than originally thought, with rumours surfacing that Germany, France, the UK and even Australia selling the devices within a few weeks of its US release.

When Apple first brought out the iPhone it wasn’t globally available, merely in the US, however the success of that product alone has pretty much shaped the mobile world we’re living in today. Indeed by the time the iPad came about, there was just a month between its US launch and a wider release in Europe.

Now, according to 9to5mac, it may just be a matter of days or weeks between launches, with reports from staff at Germany’s flagship Apple store apparently briefed on the matter when CEO Tim Cook visited the country last week.

Plenty to offer

“Specifically, Cook said that the Apple Watch will launch in Germany during the month of April ,” says 9to5mac, which also claims that Australian Apple Retail employees have received training on the new product, with UK and France also pushing the device, suggesting a quick release.

Indeed rumours surfaced a few weeks ago that France would see the opening of a dedicated Apple Watch store.

There’s also a chance that Apple employees will receive a free Apple Watch, much like how Apple staff got free iPhones upon its launch back in 2007 when the company was run by Steve Jobs.

“You’ve given me something to think about,” Cook was reported as saying, “I agree with your point, I think it’s great, and I think everyone should use our products. It’s a good point for me to think about, I’ve got some more plane rides to think about it on.”

Apple Watch image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic