Apple Watch may offer just 2.5 hours of battery life – report

23 Jan 2015

The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may only be capable of providing users with 2.5 to four hours of “active application use” before its battery requires a charge.

That’s according to 9to5Mac sources, who say while Apple had hoped the device would last at least a full day on a single charge, the consumer tech giant has now reduced expectations because of its powerful S1 chip processor and high-quality Retina screen.

Apple is now aiming for for the watch to provide roughly 2.5 to four hours of active application use, 19 hours of combined active and passive use, three days in standby mode, and four days in sleep mode.

Sources also say the watch will only be able to display its clock face – which includes watch-ticking animations – for about three hours.

The Apple Watch is slated for a March release. Earlier this month, it was revealed Apple will release a new Companion app for the iPhone to accompany the wearable device, that will manage settings for applications and for interactivity between phone and watch.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic