Apple wins injunction against Motorola devices in Germany

1 Mar 2012

Apple has won an injunction in Germany against Motorola Mobility devices over a patent based on photo management, which could make the mobile company remove infringing products and modify this software.

FOSS Patents reports that if Apple enforces the ruling, Motorola Mobility could have to destroy infringing products in its possession in Germany and recall infringing products in retailers. Motorola Mobility will be able to continue selling the products by modifying its software.

Apple won the injunction against two smartphones and Motorola’s Xoom tablet over its photo gallery’s zoomed-in mode. Motorola managed to defend itself against Apple’s infringement contentions in regards to the zoomed-out mode of the photo gallery.

As a result, each party must pay 50pc of the court fees and 100pc of their own legal fees.

It’s the latest among numerous smartphone and tablet patent battles occurring globally. Motorola Mobility is at the centre of other lawsuits with Microsoft and Apple over claims that Motorola is using essential patents to block products.

Tomorrow, two more patent rulings are due in Germany involving Apple and Samsung. The Mannheim Regional Court will decide if Samsung’s slide-to-unlock function infringes Apple’s patents. The same court will also make a decision on whether a patent that Samsung is suing Apple for is essential to the 3G telecommunications standard.