April 3 launch for DSi in Ireland

31 Mar 2009

The next incarnation of Nintendo’s popular handheld games console, the DS Lite, will be arriving in Gamestop stores around Ireland on Friday April 3, and is the thinnest and lightest DS to date.

Available in black or white, the DSi will have brand-new features, including two built-in motion-detecting cameras, better sound, the option for game downloads and internal memory that will give owners the chance customise their DSi.

While the DSi console will cost €169.99 to buy, Gamestop is offering DS Lite owners the chance to trade in their current model against the newest upgrade and purchase the DSi for only €79.99.

The new 0.3-megapixel cameras on the DSi are on both the inside and outside of the flip-up lid, so users can snap pictures of themselves as easily as their friends. It also comes with camera software, including 11 special effects for editing images and changing colours, as well as face recognition and image blending.

The cameras are also motion-detecting and detect facial features as well as players’ movements, so expect a plethora of new games that will take advantage of this technology to bring some Wii-style action on a much smaller scale to the DS.

Internet access will be quick and easy, with DSi owners having the ability to download the browser for free from launch and access the DSi Shop to download games and applications for their console.

By Marie Boran