Archos 8 Android tablet coming later this year

10 May 2010

Aiming for the home technology market segment, the Archos 8 tablet-computing device, which runs on Google’s Android operating system, will be arriving in the UK and most likely Ireland in the second half of 2010.

The Archos 8 Home Tablet is an 8-inch touchscreen device that resembles a digital photo frame but is designed for surfing the web, displaying images and video, and has a built-in web cam for video chat.

Unlike the Archos 9, which is already available for purchase, the 8 model is an 8.9-inch tablet that looks more like the HP Slate, for example, and has high-def video playback plus has a 60GB hard drive in comparison to the Archos 8’s 4GB storage designed for casual use in the kitchen or living room as opposed to serving as an entertainment hub.

The Archos 7, however, is an Android device that looks more like the Windows 7 version and will be released in June, and will come with pre-installed apps, including an e-book reader.

By Marie Boran

Photo: The Archos 8 Home Tablet