Argos selling 3D-printed jewellery, allowing customers to help in the design

16 Mar 2015

Struggling UK store Argos has announced it’s selling 3D jewellery, with customers able to tweak designs to their choosing.

The catalogue store, which sells products across almost every part of domestic life, will presumably hope the niche market for 3D-printed products will explode, and help it out of its current sales slump.

Offering products with silver and 18 carat gold plating, customers can tailor the jewellery to an extent, adding their own names, or wording, with the products delivered within three weeks.

The store is launching a site to host this new service, with prices ranging from UK£50-UK£220, positioning the products at the higher end of its jewellery offering.

This is interesting in itself, as it shows how high-end the store is trying to position a product that, as yet, hasn’t captured that side of the market.

Perhaps more interestingly, this may all be part of a larger rolling out by the store, with jewellery just the first of many products that can be made and sold this way.

“We are excited by the potential for our customers to get creative in developing their own bespoke products. We are starting with jewellery, but see applications for lighting, homewares and other areas in the future,” said Neil Tinegate, head of digital innovation at Argos.

3D printer, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic