Asus bring scented laptops to market

25 Aug 2008

Remember those ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers that were all the rage in the Eighties? When you simply had to have strawberry-scented stationery? Well scented accessories have now hit the PC world: the manufacturer of the hugely popular EEE PC sub-notebook has decided to go out on a limb with the introduction of a new line of scented laptops.

While you do not have to (and probably shouldn’t, come to think of it) scratch the surface of Asus’ fragrant new line of laptops, you will be able to breathe in four different fragrances (Floral Blossom, Musky Black, Morning Dew and Aqua Ocean), based on the version you buy, but the longevity of the scent depends on how often you use your computer says Asus.

On the other hand, the new line of F6 laptops have got very eye-catching and attractive design motifs on the chassis in a choice of black, pink, green and blue — obviously aimed at the teen or youth market — but what happens when the smell wears off?

Yes, this is probably the strangest laptop-related release we have seen in a while and I am not sure what the point is, but there have been other more bizarre and frankly more useless ‘innovations’ in the gadget world in the recent past.

Take for example Olympus’ prototype wooden digital camera or the radio toaster that gives you the luxury of listening to FM radio while waiting for your toast to pop. In comparison, a smelly laptop does not seem so bizarre.

At least if you find yourself in the course of your morning commute realising that you’ve completely forgotten to apply aftershave or perfume, you can always rub your laptop all over your face in the knowledge that you will smell great for a while.

Next step is the laptop with built in breathalyser that prevents you from drunk emailing, blogging or twittering! Maybe this should also be developed for the mobile phone for drunk diallers …

Pictured: The new line of sweet smelling Asus F6 notebooks

By Marie Boran