Baby buys dad a classic car on eBay

12 Jul 2013

The Austin-Healy Sprite bought by Sorella Stoute (via eBay)

A tech-savvy one-year-old from Oregon, US, who likes to play with daddy’s smartphone managed to purchase her old man a classic car using the eBay app.

While playing with the phone, baby Sorella Stoute opened the eBay app – which can be used to make instant purchases – and picked up a 1962 Austin-Healy Sprite for the grand total of US$225.

Dad Paul had recently been browsing classic cars on the online auction platform and was mulling over the idea of rebuilding an old model with a friend. He had no idea of his baby girl’s purchase until he received a notification from eBay – and was thankful she didn’t accidentally buy the US$38,000 Porsche he had also been viewing.

Stoute and his wife Christina contacted the seller to let him know of the mistake but, instead of giving up the car, they decided to keep it. Stoute now plans to go ahead with his refurbishment project and hopes to have the classic car roadworthy in time for Sorella’s sweet 16.

The couple also told KPTV Fox 12 that they have since added password protection to their phones and uninstalled apps that can make instant purchases.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic