Beam+ telepresence robot launched

15 Jan 2014

The Beam+ in action

Ever gone somewhere saying to yourself that ‘you’re only going to make an appearance’? Well with Suitabletech’s new robot you can from the comfort of home!

The advent of fast Wi-Fi and robotics technology has put us on the first step towards owning robots to do our bidding through an innovation known as telepresence. While not at the same level as, say, a robot that we would familiarise with, a number of companies have invested in a series of devices that can stream a video feed from a computer through a wheeled, controllable robot that looks more akin to a lampshade than robot.

One such company is Suitabletech who have announced their latest incarnation, the Beam+ which is targeted towards home-use as opposed to many of the other variations that cater towards business conferences.

Connecting with home

Of course it might be tempting to wheel out the Beam+ when the in-laws visit while you lounge upstairs in your underwear but for many parents who work abroad for large periods of time on the other side of the world, the feeling of connecting with their children for example, is often lacking through a laptop screen.

With telepresence robots like the Beam+, a person can remotely control the device and transmit their face on the screen attached at the top.

Aside from climbing stairs, the Beam+ can reach just about anywhere and can turn itself to face wherever it wants.

When you’re not sitting around the kitchen table, why not sneak up on your loved ones while they do their laundry? (Youtube link)

They have yet to hit the Irish market but there are surely hundreds of potential ideas to be had with the Beam+.

The first thousand devices have become available online in the beginning of summer this year, currently in the US only, for US$995 and after that a price of US$1,995.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic