Best Buy’s secret weapon to return lost/stolen phones to owners

27 Jun 2011

US electronics retailer Best Buy is to deploy an innovative technology created in Ireland that takes a picture of a smartphone, laptop or tablet thief and then uses GPS and other technologies to facilitate its safe return to its owner.

Locked & Found, a mobile product protection and recovery program from Cork firm Yougetitback, is now available as a part of a Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Program in all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile speciality stores across the US.

The service secures the data by locking the device remotely and attempting to locate the device and facilitate its return.

In what is a major breakthrough in the US market for a fast-growing Irish technology firm, the service plans are designed to provide options in scope and terms of coverage to suit the varying needs of customers and cover a wide array of mobile, computing, home theatre, digital imaging and other products.

According to Paul Prendergast, head of sales and co-founder, Yougetitback, the addition to Geek Squad Black Tie Protection provides customers with greater security for important data coupled with a sophisticated, market-proven device recovery program.

“In today’s consumer electronics market, value is not simply defined as getting the best price, but also having a strong, in-store experience and a quality post-purchase relationship,” Prendergast explained.

“Locked & Found provides consumers with an experience that reflects the value customers place on their mobile products. The benefits of this program include increased data security coupled with a greater likelihood of recovery of lost or stolen devices.”

How Locked & Found works

In Locked & Found, Yougetitback provides Best Buy with a solution, which includes a dedicated recovery team and specialised software to better protect data and devices from loss or theft.

Key features include Remote and Automatic Locking, SIM Change Locking, SMS Locking (use any mobile phone to text your lock code to the missing device), Device Scream, Location Mapping, Theft Deterrent and Recovery Encouragement.

Commenting on the agreement, Pat Lynch, CEO, Yougetitback, said, “Working with Best Buy reinforces Yougetitback’s position as an innovation leader in the device recovery market.

“This important relationship, coupled with other major deals with global retailers, insurance companies and telecom carriers in the tablet, laptop and smartphone space, has cemented our position as a premium supplier of loss recovery services globally.”

Locked & Found is a service designed to allow smartphone owners to lock, locate and recover lost or stolen devices. The program offers peace of mind to users with its comprehensive anti-theft and loss recovery services. Features include:

● Remote Lock & Scream (even if device is on silent)

● Location Identification

● Dedicated Recovery Team – The Locked & Found recovery team will arrange to have the device shipped back to you free of charge if found

● Picture – Device will take a picture of the person using your smartphone and start the process of getting it sent back to owner.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years