BlackBerry 10 update results in users’ SMS messages being deleted

31 Jul 2013

A flaw has been discovered in the latest over-the-air update to BlackBerry 10 smartphones that results in users text messages being deleted at random.

Users are reporting that after the update is installed all of their SMS messages disappeared, while others have reported they can see messages but when they view the messages threat it shows no history.

BlackBerry news site N4BB first highlighted the issue and pointed out that others have reported no SMS functionality at all on their smartphones.

“Each user seems to have a different degree of severity in the issue. On my end, the messages were just erased, but SMS functionality still exists,” N4BB reported.

“However, attempting a restore does not make the pre-existing messages reappear.”

At the time of writing BlackBerry has made no official comment on the matter.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years