BlackBerry tablet coming down the line?

14 May 2010

Apple does it, HP does it, now even BlackBerry is apparently doing it. Making a tablet device, that is.

The Boy Genuis Report claims that “multiple sources” have confirmed not only the existence of a BlackBerry tablet device but have also given some details on what to expect.

The RIM BlackBerry tablet will apparently have an 8.9-inch screen and will be a ‘companion device’ as opposed to a standalone one like the iPad or the Slate.

Rumours suggest this device will come to market by December 2010 and will not have any mobile phone network built in but rather rely on either built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to your BlackBerry handset.

The device is supposedly aimed at multimedia consumption: viewing photos, surfing the web, reading e-books and firing off emails.

If it cannot work as a standalone device the question eager tablet consumers will ask is why they should buy this over an iPad or Slate?

By Marie Boran

Photo: Will the rumoured BlackBerry tablet look like a large Storm 2?