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18 Jun 2009

Climate change has been on my mind a lot recently. Global Wind Day 2009 was last week and then a reader suggested the blog and I realised that, climate change sceptics aside, we all know what damage we have done to the planet and its fragile ecosystem in the name of industry and progression. Can we change? Is it too late? I don’t know, but I do know that the more we educate ourselves on the matter, the better equipped we are to do something.

World Climate Report Blog

This blog is the longest running of its kind on the web, so it is a treasure trove of information on climate history, climate politics and health effects.

Climate politics, as you would imagine, is one of the more meaty topics. For example, did you know that a recent advertising campaign aimed at encouraging people to combat climate change was banned by Northern Ireland’s environment minister. Why? He thinks global warming is not caused by man.

Interesting how politics can muddy the waters of positive environmental action.

Think or Swim Blog

An excerpt from John Gibbon’s post on Massachusetts Institute of Technology research: “Assuming we continue doing what we’re doing right now, the study predicts a 1-2pc chance of global temperatures rising by three degrees celsius or less by 2100.

“Since we know that anything over two degrees celsius is going to propel us into a dangerous climatic era, this study says there is at least a 98pc chance of climate hell on Earth within 90 years.”

Oxfam Climate Change Blog

The Oxfam Climate Change Blog covers news on campaigns, including the Tck Tck Tck campaign and trade unions and faith groups looking for a legal binding agreement from world governments.

At the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on 7 December 2009, decisions will be made that will change our lives. Do we care enough to ‘advise’ them on initiatives? Blog is actually a website with information and tools aimed at changing your carbon count right now. The calculator is for entering information on your type of home, heating and electricity usage, car, flights, electrical appliances and so on. You will be given a carbon count, plus suggestions on ways to reduce it.

The blog itself has Irish and international news on environmental events and milestones.

By Marie Boran