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11 Jun 2009

This week’s theme is centred around human resources (HR) and recruitment. It’s pretty obvious that anyone working in recruitment is having a harder time of it right now, as unemployment numbers rise and floods of CVs arrive with fewer positions to go around. On the other side of the fence, it’s more important than ever for a company to have good HR practices when it is all too easy to abuse the position of keeping staff in employment and unfair demands are met by fear.

The Bullhorn Blogger

Bullhorn is a company known for its recruiting and staffing software and unsurprisingly it blogs on the area of updates and developments in its products. However, Bullhorn also covers wide-ranging topics of interest to those in the recruitment industry.

It does this by hosting several blogs, from Bullhorn president Barry Hinckley to marketing manager Karen Moloney and senior director of product management Phil Costa. 

Resolve HR Blog


Resolve HR is a Galway-based firm specialising in HR and industrial-relations solutions. The blog is fairly recent and posts appear to be only once or twice monthly but there are some useful tips and hints here.

This year has seen more media articles and internet sites than ever before urging the freshly unemployed to become their own bosses and set up their own businesses.

This is immensely cheering, but I particularly like Resolve’s post on the basics of employment law for SMEs and start-ups. It  has also compiled an excellent guide that all SMEs would benefit from reading.

jobs blog

Ivan Stojanovic works in the recruitment industry and operates is where he waxes lyrical on the topic.

He keeps us up to date on the latest seminars, talks,  new sites and companies, and tackles issues like ’10 don’ts for job hunters on social


His top tip? Make sure nothing embarrassing shows up when you Google your name.

Glandore Systems Blog


Glandore Systems is an Irish company that offers technical consulting and custom software development for the recruitment/HR sector.

I include this blog because although it has not been updated in a while, the content is excellent and speciali-ses in discussing aspects of data theft, hacking and cybersecurity, especially in relation to online job sites and storing/entrusting your CV and personal details/information.

By Marie Boran