Blog Digest

28 May 2009

So the green drive is on … And where better to get more environmentally savvy than by checking out some eco blogs dedicated to the topic. You could save yourself some money in the process, as well as playing a role in protecting our planet for future earthlings! Blog

With the tagline “your greener life starts here” this website calls itself a trusted source of information and advice on greener living. Recent posts include “The new Irish answer to carpooling” and “10,000 organic vegetable seed packs to give away”.

In the latter post, Glenisk is offering free seeds to encourage people to get into gardening mode. A truly resourceful blog, with plenty of food for eco thought.

Green Options Blog

Green Options is a network for blogs dedicated to the topic of sustainability and what it means to both individuals and communities. The US band Phish features on the blog for teaming up with a non-profit organisation to help reduce its carbon-footprint impact during the band’s summer tour.

An insightful blog that opens up green topics such as grease recycling and organic cooking to the masses.

Ardnahoo Eco Retreat Blog

And for those of us who fancy learning more about eco breaks, Ardnahoo Eco

Retreat in Co Leitrim has its own dedicated blog.

“Another Successful Wise Woman” details the recent success of the 5th Wise Woman Weekend. Interesting … if you’re into circle dancing, meditation and drumming.

As well as holding detox retreats, according to the Ardnahoo blog, green weddings are also in the pipeline!

EcoGeek Blog

It’s refreshing to find a blog that focuses on the symbiotic relationship between nature and technology. The site features up to 10 stories daily on tech innovations that are saving the planet.

Check out the blog on General Motors’ “homogenous charge compression ignition engine” that aims to improve fuel efficiency by 15pc. “The Wind and Solar-Powered Street Lighting Skips the Grid” article recounts how a French company has come up with a street-lighting system that works without connecting to the grid. Some welcome news!

By Carmel Doyle