Blog Digest

21 May 2009

Anything for a simpler life, eh? Several people have opted to live on the remote Pitcairn Island, only to find that it is not all tropical fruit, hula dancers and Mel Gibson as that blasted Mutiny on the Bounty film would suggest. However, the simple life for the average nine-to-fiver can be achieved with just a little elbow grease. This week’s blog digest brings a little homemade goodness; a tonic to our increasingly hectic lifestyles.

The Three Dog Blog

What on earth really goes into the glistening tubes of brown meaty goo and assorted body parts we call dog food? And is homemade food better than commercial dog food? A friend of mine said that if it doesn’t smell good to you, then you shouldn’t be feeding it to your pet. Then again, dogs are not exactly discretionary when it comes to eating what they find on the pavement.

Nevertheless, you can bring some homemade goodness into your dog’s life by trying out some recipes found here, as well as learning the basics of good nutrition for your beloved mutt.

101 Quick homemade remedies

It’s amazing what natural remedies can be found in your food cupboard and it’s even better to know you’re not using over-the-counter drugs needlessly.

We all know that raw steak is good for a black eye, but did you know that a sprig of rosemary in red wine fights infection?

It is important to note, however, that natural/herbal remedies should never be substituted for medical treatments.

I Hate Dr Oz

‘Homemade’ is not all about arts and crafts and is certainly not just for women. This blog is aimed specifically at men and has homemade recipes for rather manly things that I would like to become expert at myself.

There is a delicious recipe for the perfect homemade beefburger, as well as steak fries, but the best recipe has to be the hot toddy. All men should know how to make this, so as to tackle the onset of the dreaded man flu! Blog

Now this is a traditionally crafty blog: from chocolate chess pieces to chopstick doorstops, this blog is an endless supply of homemade ideas for your home and business.

The recycled envelope-cum-business-card holder is a good way to show your green credentials at a meeting, and if your liquidity is looking decidedly iffy you can always chop up your credit cards to make a snazzy bracelet.

If this doesn’t encourage you to find your inner Martha Stewart, then have a look at the tennis ball chair!

By Marie Boran