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23 Apr 2009

Living on caffeine, disruptive sleep and adrenaline rushes will only get you so far. Eventually, the exhaustion builds up and your work day seems to last forever. Because of the recession, the average Irish worker is under increased pressure. You can cope better by achieving a good balance of mind and body health.

Lotus Yoga Dublin

This Dublin City-based yoga centre is aimed at busy workers who cannot commit to regular classes, but would like to be able to drop in when it suits.

Whether you want to take classes or try it out at home, this blog is a nice introduction to yoga. The latest post titled ‘How yoga will keep your boss happy’ is an enlightening read.

Longer work hours and pay cuts are contributing to our stress levels, but the relaxation techniques used in yoga can alleviate this.

Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist


One way to tackle stress is to get philosophical and take a fresh look at your work-life balance.

What work-life balance? asks Penelope Trunk. Do we talk about our friend-life balance or our family-life balance? Is work so bad that we try to plough through it so we can get home to live the other 25pc of our lives?

Trunk raises some interesting points about switching off after work. This blog provides food for thought and the impetus to question how we approach our working day.

Enjoy Your Job


One particular post on this blog is simply a list of relaxation techniques to alleviate stress. Some are common sense such as getting more sleep, turning off the TV, going for walks, being silent or reading a book.

Another way to look at it is to draw inspiration from children. Sure, they don’t have the same pressures, but have you ever seen a toddler that didn’t feel better after a good bout of laughter or crying? Go on, give it a go!



If laughter is the best medicine, then the daily Dilbert comic strip is penicillin for the soul.

Comic-strip artist Scott Adams captures the economic zeitgeist perfectly: Evil cat and human resources officer Catbert tells the boss the employees are scared of losing their jobs, suggesting it’s the perfect time to introduce some draconian policies.

Dilbert reads the new policies:  “In the event of a bomb threat, all employees are expected to shield the servers with their bodies.”

You gotta laugh.

By Marie Boran