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15 Jan 2009

What’s hot blog-wise this week.

Trust Tommy

Trust Tommy

Everybody knows about the Collison brothers, Patrick and John, who became overnight millionaires after the start-up Auctomatic, which they co-founded, was sold to Canad-ian firm Live Current Media.

Patrick had previously been a winner in the Esat BT Young Scientist competition. Following hot on his heels this year is younger brother Tommy, who won first prize in the social and behavioral category, as well as being awarded the Fr Tom Burke Memorial Bursary.

Tommy’s blog is a great resource as a chronicle of a young genius at work.




This is Knit

This Is Knit

Hobbies can run from the lame and tame to the exciting and adventurous. Most people would delegate knitting to the former category, but before you dismiss this as a pastime for little old ladies let me tell you that it is challenging, relaxing, and, well, rather hip (no, not hip replacement!).

This blog belongs to the Dublin-based knit shop of the same name and contains a wealth of information concerning free patterns, evening classes, what to buy and how to get started.



A Rock Climber Blog

A Rock Climber Blogs

If you’re not convinced that knitting is for you, then maybe you are the outdoorsy, thrill-seeking kind of guy or gal.

Rock climbing has become an increasingly popular pastime in recent years and you can see why. Setting yourself new goals for climbing can be addictive and life-affirming.

Lynn Hill began climbing at the age of 14 and was a top climber back in the Eighties. As a professional climber, her blog imparts wisdom gained throughout her career and gets inside the mind of the pro. An exciting and worthwhile read.



Adventure Ireland Summer Camp Diaries

Adventure Ireland Summer Camp Diaries

Speaking of healthy outdoor activities, if you are already beginning to fret about how to amuse the kids this summer, then a fun-packed summer camp may be the answer.

The Donegal Adventure Centre blog will give you a taste of camping, surfing and hiking as it chronicles the adventures of last year’s group of kids and makes you realise that leaving the teens indoors with their Xbox for the entire summer would be a shame.

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By Marie Boran