Blog Digest

23 Oct 2008

Cheer yourself up about the downturn and distinguish between quality wine and plonk in this week’s Blog Digest.


Future Human

This is not a blog but has the essence of one in that it encourages a great community feel and plenty of participation. Anyone who has an opinion can write a review, be it directly on the site, from your own blog, your microblog such as Twitter or even your mobile phone.

As this is a community site, you can follow reviewers you like and build up your own reputation for quality reviews. While it is an Irish-owned site, it does have contributors from around the world, and recently added a business element for firms wishing to add customer feedback.

Irish Wine Contemplations (pictured)

It is getting round to that time of year when the call of an open fire and a nice glass of red makes for the perfect night in. Instead of picking up a random bottle of plonk at the local corner shop, pay a visit to this blog and see what these guys are drinking off the shelves and at various restaurants.

Then there is always the problem of what wine to send your business partners. You want to impress with a nice bottle or two that doesn’t break the bank but will suit most palettes. A good scour of this blog and you’ll be sure to find some inspiration.

Irish Mortgage Brokers Blog

Crikey, first the bloomin’ Dutch tulips, then the Great Depression and the dotcom boom, now this downturn. I’d got myself into a tizzy before I sat down and read: “It’s not all doom and gloom – some things will improve in the downturn.”

The Irish Mortgage Brokers Blog reassures us that first-time buyers will get cheaper houses and, of course, us young ’uns in our teens to late twenties will get a sorely needed attitude adjustment. There goes my sense of entitlement. (But I deserve a gold-plated walk-in wardrobe!)

My Life in a Cube

Business owners and employees alike will giggle at this web comic. It’s one of those ‘funny but it’s true’ strips where you empathise with illustrator Shane Johnson as he draws zero inspiration from his life in an office.

Have you ever had others in the office click and giggle and wondered why you weren’t included in the mass-email joke?

What makes this comic cool is the fact that Johnson scribbles it down on odd pieces of paper, the back of a napkin or whatever else comes to hand. And you get the impression  he does this all at his desk, when the boss isn’t looking.                          

By Marie Boran