Blog Digest

4 Sep 2008

See Dublin city in a new light and brush up on your granny’s recipes in this week’s Blog Digest

Ach Go hÁirithe(pictured)

It is hard to sum up this blog in just a few words or even

explain its exact purpose but I will tell you this much: it is sometimes written as Gaeilge, it often champions Irish culture and it is frequently


I really liked the blog’s strange mix of hip and hip replacement, like a culchie with culture (this is how I like to think of myself!).

I could see myself glued to this blog if I were off in Australia or America finding my fortune. Actually, I’d visit it either way. 

Dublin Street

If you want to see the fair city in a new light, head to this photoblog. A banana peel is draped lazily over a wall, two old men enjoy their pints of Guinness, a pair of dirty old runners are juxtaposed alongside a prim advertisement.

This blog manages to be an art project in itself while speaking volumes about the many lives and facades of Dublin city through rendering the seemingly mundane truly beautiful.

After this you’ll look at a dirty street sign or discarded sandwich wrapper in a new light.

Keith Shirley –  Practical Technology

With a degree in computing in business, Carlow man Shirley brings a wealth of information to the table with Practical Technology. He also states this on his blog: “I’m very strict about avoiding buying into technology without having clear expectations and goals.”

This is music to your ears if you are a sensible business person who wonders why everyone is raving about Web 2.0 but you haven’t actually seen anyone using it in a practical business sense.

Shirley talks about real life issues that do result from technology, such as being able to run a business from a home office  or the realities of using a 3G phone for web access. Top content.

Our Grannies Recipes

This cosy little corner of the web is actually the online incarnation of a book of the same name by Mercier Press. The book is a compilation chosen by editor Eoin Purcell of favourite Irish recipes passed down from, as the title suggests, our grannies.

While the final selection has already been made for the print version, this blog is a  place for folk to get a taste of all the other good recipes this nation has inherited over the years.

Purcell has also invited the blogosphere to choose from three different book covers – a nice touch. 

By Marie Boran