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21 Aug 2008

Get your daily Olympics fix and learn how to combat rising fuel prices, all on the blogosphere this week.

1169 and Counting

Amid economic growth, the Celtic Tiger and the secularisation of modern Ireland, it is sometimes easy to forget the legacy of our bloody, violent history and turbulent political past.

After leaving secondary school and subsequently leaving our history lessons behind, the chronicles of political and religious strife can seem like distant memories for many of us. But we should be aware of how we have emerged as an EU success story with strong technology and manufacturing industries.

1169 And Counting is a wealth of information on our Republican past and present, and demonstrates how the Irish political landscape, like that of any nation, will never be a black and white issue.


Speaking of a burgeoning technology industry, Ireland is in part successful because of a strong grassroots tech community where entrepreneurs and enterprise mingle closely.

Argolon is a technology consultancy and its blog makes sure to point anyone in the industry in the right direction, keeping them abreast of funding opportunities, seminars and promising start-ups.

Blogger and CEO of Argolon, Conor O’Neill, also makes sure to thoroughly review any products he gets his hands on, such as mobile broadband and smart phones, to give potential business users the lowdown. As an entrepreneur and businessman himself, he can give a realistic analysis on why you should be using these products.

Whether you are in the tech industry or not, you will use technology in the course of your business day, so this blog is relevant to you.

080808 – An Olympics Game Blog

Well, we are in the thick of the Olympics right now and there is plenty of coverage out there, be it in print, on television or on the blogosphere, but this blog is as good a place as any to get your information.

Up-to-date results can be found here, as well as thorough posts on specific events, and it is nice to read through the blog comments to get a real sense of the excitement and competitiveness among ordinary folk watching the Olympics.

There are also useful links to YouTube clips, as well as Olympics-related events such as Apple’s strategic opening of a new store before the Games kicked off.

And as with many news blogs, this one has a Twitter feed, which means time-poor readers can subscribe to mini-posts rather than constantly checking the blog itself.

The Drive (pictured)

Rising petrol prices are driving you nuts, aren’t they? This blog by Merrion Fleet has some useful posts, such as one on reducing your fuel bill. It recommends visiting to find the cheapest fuel in your area – bookmark that site!

It also give tips that might seem obvious but help in the long run, like turning off the air conditioning if possible, or planning road trips with your Sat Nav to eliminate driving around aimlessly trying to find your way.

There are also stats on car sales, safe driving and information on penalty points. Well worth a trip.

By Marie Boran