Blog Digest

14 Aug 2008

Peek inside the mind of an interior designer and a landscape gardener for a taste of domestic bliss in this week’s Blog Digest.

Zen Habits

IT has been raining nonstop for the past month. You’ve used up all your holidays for the year. The cat peed in your shoes this morning and your mother-in-law is ‘popping round’ for a week-long visit. Don’t get mad. Get Zen.

There’s an interesting post on Zen Habits on how to be more productive in your work day by identifying and eliminating time-wasting tasks.

A good read but to be honest I know exactly what wastes my time and I cherish these idle, useless moments. That is my zen: to be at one with my procrastinating nature.

Peter Donegan’s landscaping blog (pictured)

Move over Diarmuid Gavin! Peter Donegan is a complete gardening nut and blogs religiously on the topic. It is obvious from this blog that it is not just his profession but his passion.

I particularly love the post where he tells us about his deep-rooted (no pun intended) love of gardening, which started with the growing of bulbs under his bed at the tender age of four!

There is something wonderfully captivating about holding in your hand the power of life within a tiny seed and having the responsibility to nurture this living thing. Unfortunately, I bored easily as a child and was apt to let my precious plant die.

Garrendenny Lane Interiors

Of course, you can get a sense of how you’d like to decorate or furnish your house by browsing through stores or catalogues, but it is not the same as looking inside the mind of a stylist, which is what this blog does in a sense.

Also, Garrendenny Lane Interiors is located in the countryside halfway between Carlow and Athy town, so the same level of traffic as in a high-street shop is not always possible.

Again, this blog is a wonderful way of attracting new customers and gives some insight into idyllic country living.

PodCamp Ireland

Okay, first off a ‘podcamp’ is not where baby peas earn their scouts badges – it’s a get together where anyone can come to listen and learn or even get up and give a talk about the digital format of humanity’s favourite pastime: socialising.

We’re all hooked on social media, whether it is sharing favourite videos with friends on YouTube, poking your mates on Facebook or indeed blogging or podcasting about your business.

This is the second PodCamp Ireland event and is the place to head if you’re curious about getting social media to work for you or your business. It will be held in Kilkenny city on 27 September.

By Marie Boran