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7 Aug 2008

Dodgy travel agents named and shamed and weddings in space from 2011 onwards, all on the blogosphere this week.


After reading this blog the phrase ‘knowledge economy’, when uttered by yet another politician as a meaningless buzzword, will anger you even more.

Consider this: there has beenno funding for hardware or software and never any funding for technical support for computers in schools in the past six years, writes Seaghan Moriarty.

On top of this, the Government recently pulled the 18 ICT (information and communications technology) advisors from their jobs supporting local schools.

This has left Ireland as the weakest technology-in-education country in the EU and OECD, says Moriarty. We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting the Government away with this.

Gombeen Nation

Gombeen Man is angry and justifiably so. He looks at modern Irish society and how ‘multiculturalism’ aside there is an attitude of racism among some that is not discussed enough in the media.

Gombeen Man lived in the UK for some years and had to endure being called a ‘bog-wog’ who came over to steal jobs off the British.

He sees this same attitude amongst those too ‘proud’ to serve behind the counter at a fast food chain and wonders if racism is working its way into a form of narrow nationalism that distorts and poisons the concept of ‘Irishness’.

Travel Rants (pictured)

Have you ever booked ‘a luxury apartment with a sea-view within walking distance of town centre’ only to discover it is tiny, faces another apartment, the toilet won’t flush properly and you have to walk five miles to reach civilisation?

The Travel Rants blog, well, rants about this but in a professional way. Travel agents who misrepresent properties are named and shamed and important issues like accessibility in airports for those with disabilites are discussed.

Everyone should enjoy their holidays, God knows they are well deserved! Drop by this blog in the run-up to booking yours and get to know the dos and don’ts.

The Wedding Planner’s Weblog

Yes, it is that time of year again when every second weekend seems to be dedicated to attending a friend or family wedding. This blog should be bookmarked immediately if your close friend or yourself is tying the knot in the near future.

This blog is probably strictly for the brides because frankly the groom may be overwhelmed by the painstaking detail that goes into hair, nails, dresses, cakes, flowers et al.

There are some fun bits as well though. Did you know you can have a space wedding if you book from 2011 onwards? A ceremony miles above the earth could make for a match made in the heavens.

By Marie Boran