Blog Digest

24 Jul 2008

Fancy buying some bling or getting down with the fashion-conscious? The blogosphere is where it’s at this week.

The Gold Blog (pictured)

If there’s one thing you can count on in times of wobbly finances and corned beef sandwiches, it is that precious metals will always hold their worth.

Gold and Silver Investments, which has a Dublin base, runs this blog that focuses on finance and economics but with an historical perspective.

Some surprising insights: did you know that the global derivatives market (futures and so on) has reached US$1.14 quadrillion? Yes, quadrillion is a number – one and twelve zeros to be exact.

On a more realistic note, if you have some money to invest and want a pretty futureproof way to do so in order to benefit your family going forward, then watch this blog and see what the experts are saying about precious metals.

Open Heart Branding

This marketing and branding analysis blog was recommended to me by an avid reader who pointed out the great post by Gerard Tannan on Eagle Star’s rebranding as Zurich. There’s no dull rhetoric or vacant-eyed evangelism here – it’s accessible and lively.

Tannan speaks about how well Eagle Star handled its branding with posters featuring Irish celebs like Samantha Mumba who tell us about the various nicknames and pet names by which they are known and Tannan proceeds to tell us about his.

When I started recalling my nicknames (including Meezie and Electric Shock), it actually really got me thinking about good exercises in marketing and branding.

The IT@Cork Blog

Cork is a technology hot-house and there are many firms in the region that regard IT as an integral part of their business.

IT@Cork is a not-for-profit organisation that in essence is a focal point providing support for IT professionals: running events, giving advice on best practice and acting as a general ‘go-to guy’.

However, you don’t have to be in IT or be Cork-based to find this blog of benefit. If you’ve ever wondered what Twitter is, why everyone is blogging, what to do with an RSS feed or any other 101 tech questions you’ve had but were afraid to ask, then pop along and have a read or watch some of the videos. Enlightening.

Fashion Filosofy

They always say that if you want to predict the next fashion trend you should look to what the ‘scenesters’ are wearing, in other words, street style.

This Irish blog shows lots of trendy people looking effortlessly cool in the latest high-street fashions so you can pick up tips on how to look current for a nice price after popping along to Pennys or Topshop.

Unfortunately, there still isn’t much on this blog so let’s hope they update soon. There are however plenty of links to other street style blogs around the world. Go check out what the cool kids are wearing in Amsterdam or Singapore or send your own pictures into this blog and claim your 15 minutes of fame.

By Marie Boran