Blog Digest

7 Jun 2008

It’s ladies’ choice! For the week that’s in it, what with Sex and the City hitting the silver screen, we take a look at the best blogs aimed at the fairer sex.

Pop Gadget (pictured)

First off, I hate gadgets aimed at women solely on the basis that they come in hot pink or have a flower motif.

But this site is not teeming with lurid Hello Kitty phone accessories: it talks about useful devices any busy lady might be interested in.

Gadget reviews range from a handheld photo therapy device for hay fever to a SIM recovery doo-dah for when you’ve dumped your phone at the bottom of your bag and random button-bashing has erased important numbers or text messages.

As the site organisers point out, women are ignored by tech mags and technology by women’s mags, so this venture makes a refreshing change

Go Fug Yourself

It’s a busy day at the office and your brain feels like it’s about to melt. This is the ultimate, trashy, blog equivalent of Heat or Hello! and chronicles car-crash outfits of all your favourite celebrities.

Sit back, close your word processing documents down for a few minutes and have a laugh at the expense of movie stars who think it appropriate to come to a film premiere wrapped in tin foil or have the misfortune to get caught in their PJs and rollers while popping down to the corner shop.

Krishna De

This blog is not strictly aimed at women but is run by Irish businesswoman Krishna De, a branding and marketing expert.

De is a busy and productive lady who has a sister site called Today’s Women in Business, as well as being a main contributor to Podcast Sisters, another connected blog that gives advice to professional women on how to grow their business or career through podcasting.

I think De’s blog is a perfect starting point for anyone interested in a more female-oriented perspective on the technology and business world, while being equally accessible to both sexes.


This sometimes rude and always hilarious blog is written by a self-proclaimed red-headed bibliophile.

Musings are witty and often outrageous – it’s a bit like reading a female Stephen Fry who likes a cup of scald and a rant.

Don’t get too. settled though because there are plenty of thought-provoking discussions on serious issues ranging from gender/cultural differences to religion.

Articulate and fiery. Just how I like my blogs.

By Marie Boran