BMW 7 Series: 09’s top tech car

3 Apr 2009

While high-tech electric cars like the Tesla and Riva L-ion have been captivating our attentions recently, the BMW 7 Series has crept in and stolen the title of the world’s most technologically advanced new vehicle this year.

This accolade has been awarded to BMW by US research firm iSuppli Corp using its Technology Availability Scorecard. The 7 Series has achieved a top score of 30 out of 35
features on the tech ranking scale – the highest ever in the four years iSuppli has been running this ranking.

So what kind of features make the BMW 7 Series so tech-tastic? Quite a breathtaking list actually: a 80GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) multimedia navigation system, an updated iDrive interface, a second-gen Night Vision system, a traffic sign recognition system and blind-spot detection.

Oh, and did I mention the 7 Series also has lots of built-in wireless features including an internet browser, high definition (HD) and Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, and a Harman Kardon Logic 7 surround sound system.

And guess which car manufacturer took second spot? BMW again with its Series 5, which earned an also impressive 28 out of 35.

The other manufacturers to make the top 10 list were Hyundai (with its Genesis and Equus models) and Toyota/Lexus.

By Marie Boran