Business people prefer to be LinkedIn

22 May 2009

More business people prefer LinkedIn to Facebook, with more than two-thirds of FTSE100 using it as their only social networking application.

Bigmouthmedia’s research indicates that, perhaps not unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is the networking tool of choice for senior executives in the UK. Half of those surveyed use the service, while 80pc of the FTSE100 managers who engage in online networking use it as their only application.

Facebook is the second most popular service, used by 30pc of the executives polled, while Plaxo came in third with a 7.5pc share.

“Although there is a vast array of social-networking tools available, each with its own particular benefits, our research has shown LinkedIn to be the clear favourite amongst Britain’s senior business people,” said Lyndsay Menzies, Bigmouthmedia chief operations officer.

“Social networking may have become one of the most talked about trends in the online world, but until now there has been little hard evidence showing to what extent the business community has embraced these tools. Our research shows that while many leading executives are now deriving measurable benefits from this rapidly developing channel, some of the UK’s most prominent organisations have failed to get to grips with this important trend.”

Social media has been one of 2009’s most talked-about phenomena, there is still little evidence as to what extent businesses are deriving benefits engaging in social networking.

In order to gauge real-world attitudes to the tools, Bigmouthmedia assessed the online networking performance of 50 CEO’s and senior marketing executives selected from the FTSE100 and The Sunday Times Fast Track 100.

The resulting research demonstrates that use of social media remains a relative rarity amongst the FTSE100 executives sampled. Only 25pc of them engaged in any form of online networking, compared to 80pc of senior players from Fast Track companies.

These research findings clearly illustrate the increasing role of social media in the business community and the positive impact that online networking can have on the success of professional individuals,” said Cristina Hoole, PR and marketing director, LinkedIn Europe.

To view the full research document from Bigmouthmedia, including testimonials and best practice advice, visit Bigmouthmedia.

By Carmel Doyle

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic