Camara offering gift of computer to African schools for €15

8 Dec 2011

Students in Grandsons of Abraham School with Camara computers

Irish charity Camara is offering Christmas shoppers the chance to send a computer to an African school on behalf of a friend or family member as a gift for €15.

The charity aims to reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by providing technology to disadvantaged schools and educating students and teachers on the equipment.

The charity collects unused computers from individuals and organisations, which are then refurbished with educational software installed before sending them to Africa.

Since 2005, it has sent more than 27,000 computers to 1,000 schools in Africa. They have also set up learning centres to help educate the teachers and students.

For €15, people can send a computer to Africa on behalf of a friend or family member. They will be given a tracking number to follow the progress of the computer to a school in Africa.

Each computer sent will benefit 10 children in the hopes of allowing them to break the cycle of poverty and create a better future for themselves.