Can Firefox’s 10th anniversary halt user decline?

3 Nov 2014

Firefox logo. Image via

In what looks like a promotional push to regain lost users, web browser Firefox is celebrating its independence on 10 November, a decade after its creation.

Amid an ongoing loss of users to Chrome and Safari, Firefox (along with Internet Explorer) is facing a challenge in working out a way to win back its fans. One approach, it seems, is through security attack fears.

“Today, the news is filled with stories about privacy, big data and security attacks,” said Firefox. “Let’s face it, most tech companies know more about us than we know about ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Firefox is different. We’re not like them. We’re independent. We play by our own rules. We believe the web should be free, open and yours. We don’t answer to industry, shareholders or any other corporate interests. We answer to you.”

A glance at the latest market share data on the main internet browsers shows a worrying decline for Firefox. In two and a half years, it has lost a quarter of its users, with its overall market share dropping from a market-leading 30pc to just above 23pc.

Internet Explorer, which was tied with Firefox at the start of 2012, is now down to just over 16pc and Safari has doubled to 12pc.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic