New 250mp Canon camera can read signage from 18km away

7 Sep 2015

Canon has revealed its latest device, and it’s a doozy. The APS-H-size CMOS sensor has 250mp, the largest count for its size in the world.

According to the company, the resolution is such that it can read the side of an airplane flying 18km away. That is ridiculous.

It can record at 30-times the definition of 4k video, allowing you to crop and magnify video pretty much any which way you want, without the quality being compromised.

Clear Canon camera

The resolution of uncropped photos shot on the sensor is 19,580×12,600 pixels. My HTC Desire can handle 2592×1944.

The sensor has a very quick signal readout speed of 1.25bn pixels per second, too.

But hold on, it won’t be making its way into your pocket any time soon.

“Canon is considering the application of this technology in specialised surveillance and crime prevention tools, ultra-high-resolution measuring instruments and other industrial equipment, and the field of visual expression.”

So rather than needlessly clear selfie snaps, think more refined crowd footage.

Canon camera

The new 250mp APS-H-size CMOS sensor, with a camera prototype (right)

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic