Canon goes retro futuristic with X Mark I mouse

9 Aug 2010

This fantastic combination of calculator, mouse and numeric keypad from Canon looks as though it has been designed by Bond’s quirky inventor Q, with its chunky angular frame and shiny white exterior.

Remember when the LCD calculator was king? When a top-notch scientific calculator meant you truly reigned as leader of the nerds? No, I don’t either. I’m simply guessing.

Get thee back to the shiny plastic and chrome dreams of the future a lá Sixties Americana and embrace the actually quite useful X Mark I Mouse.

You may remember the X Mark I calculator released last year? This is the same kind of design inspiration but infinitely more useful.

You’ve got your wireless mouse with Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, three click buttons and a scroll wheel plus you can control computer and mathematical functions too.

And if you’re in the business of using the numeric keypad on your keyboard on a daily basis you’ll be happy to know that this functionality is also fitted in.

And to make sure you walk away completely happy with your wireless calcu-mouse (?) Canon has part-manufactured the device with recycled photocopier materials.

It also has an Auto-power Off function to shut it down after it has been left idle for a while (30 minutes).

The X Mark I Mouse goes on sale this November 2010 and is priced at €48.99 (incl. VAT).