Canon releases new PowerShot SX30 IS, with huge 35x optical zoom lens

14 Sep 2010

Canon has introduced the new PowerShot SX30 IS, a high performance camera with a 24mm ultra-wide and a 35x optical zoom lens.

It’s a 14.1-megapixel camera that allows photographers to generate A2+ size prints.

It has a 35x optical zoom lens with a focal range extending from 24mm to 840mm.

The lens construction is comprised of multiple special lens elements, including an Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) element, alone with a Hi-UD element, which are usually used for professional cameras. This helps maintain a high quality image across the entire zoom range.

Canon has equipped the PowerShot SX30 IS with the most effective image stabiliser (IS) ever to be used in one of its compact cameras, offering up to 4.5 stops of compensation.

This system can minimise blur when shooting with a long zoom and when the use of a fast shutter speed is not possible.

The new Zoom Framing Assist function helps users to keep track of distant or moving subjects when shooting with long zoom.

It quickly retracts the lens to one of three preset zoomed-out positions while a rectangle marks the area of the originally zoomed in frame, letting the user view more of the scene to find the subject.

Once the user reacquires the subject and positions it back into the rectangular frame, the lens quickly extends back to its zoomed position in order to resume shooting in its original framing.

PowerShot SX30 movie capture

The PowerShot SX30 offers 720p HD movie capture with full optical zoom and stereo sound.

Focus and exposure can be locked or adjusted during recording, while a special Dynamic IS mode reduces the camera shake created when filming.

The camera has a mini HDMI port in order to view it on a HDTV.

Users can also tag each image within the camera, making them easier to locate on a later date.

The PowerShot SX30 IS is available from early October 2010, priced at €549 RRP inc. VAT.