Carphone Warehouse calls in Geek Squad for its biggest Irish store

9 Nov 2010

Carphone Warehouse has opened Ireland’s first Carphone Warehouse Connected World Store in Dundrum Town Centre, its biggest in Ireland. It has also introduced the Geek Squad to Ireland to offer technical support to customers.

The new store, open today, has been custom built and is the largest Carphone Warehouse in Ireland, at 1,700 sq feet.

Carphone Warehouse is using the store to promote connected consumer technology.

“The concept behind the new store is based on the evolving ‘connected world,’ its innovation, development and new technologies,” said Stephen Mackarel, CEO of Carphone Warehouse.

“We want to show customers how it all fits together, how it can work for them and help them to customise their devices based on their communications needs.”

Mackarel also said they are looking at new sites on which to roll out more connect stores in 2011.

Their product range includes connected devices, which includes smartphones, netbooks, tablet devices, MP3/MP4 players and other emergent technology. All the products on show can be demonstrated to customers in the new store.

The outlet will also include three Geek Squad agents, to offer technical support to customers with new gadgets.

The Geek Squad will show customers how to use their devices, from optimising computers to providing support with MP3 players.

They’ll also offer virus removal services, a computer health check, setting up parental control and data cleansing.