Celebs think its Tweet – Kutcher is TwitterKing!

17 Apr 2009

Once the haven of the maven geek, Twitter has developed a celebrity skin. Just weeks after partner Demi Moore saved a woman from suicide via Twitter, Ashton Kutcher is now the king of Twittering, with one million followers.

But no sooner has this momentous milestone been passed, than daytime TV doyenne Oprah Winfrey appears keen to overthrow the TwitterKing.

In recent days Kutcher (pictured), who trailed behind CNN, staged a rally to grow his follower base.

In a much-hyped race, Kutcher then beat CNN for the Twitter user with the most ‘followers’.

But the Ivory Tower of Hollywood is known for its ups and downs, and emerging from the shadows is chat show queen Oprah, who wants the crown for herself.

According to Yahoo!, searches for Twitter over the past four months jumped 6,000pc.

At the time of writing, Kutcher was following a mere 79 Twitter users, while being followed by 1,099,605 Twitter users.

A sage note from the TwitterKing read: “There are no kings on twitter only jesters.”

But will Oprah Winfrey, who currently has 185,675 followers, steal this newly hallowed crown?

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years