China residents buy paper Apple products for Tomb Sweeping Day

29 Mar 2012

The iPhone 4S

Paper replicas of Apple’s iPad and iPhone are proving to be as popular as the real devices as residents in China get ready for Tomb Sweeping Day on 4 April, a day in which they honour their ancestors.

The ancient tradition of Tomb Sweeping Day involves families laying out food at the graves of their ancestors, along with burning paper replicas of what the ancestors would need in daily life, such as houses and clothing.

According to tradition, the ancestors can use the paper replicas in the afterlife – and why not iPhones and iPad tablet computers?

One online retailer told AFP there has been an increase in orders for iPhone paper replicas ahead of the festival.

Other retailers said a paper iPad sells for 538 yuan (€65) including delivery, while an iPhone version costs about 22 yuan (€3).