Chrome now 20pc of global browser market

1 Jul 2011

Google’s Chrome web browser exceeded percent of the worldwide browser market for the first time during the month of June, according to new figures from StatCounter.

StatCounter Global Stats reports that Chrome took 20.7pc of the global market, up from 2.8pc in June 2009.

In the same period, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) has fallen from 59pc to 44pc globally and Firefox dropped slightly from 30pc to 28pc.

“It is a superb achievement by Google to go from under 3pc two years ago to over 20pc today,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.

“While Google has been highly effective in getting Chrome downloaded, the real test is actual browser usage which our stats measure.”

Chrome has performed particularly well in Ireland where it overtook Firefox in May to become the No 2 browser. In June, it reached 27pc, ahead of Firefox’s 24pc and behind IE at 41pc.

In the US, Chrome has risen to 16pc behind market leader IE on 46.5pc and Firefox on 24.7pc. In the UK, Chrome at 21.1pc is now neck and neck with Firefox on 21.7pc. IE leads the UK market on 46.4pc.

StatCounter Global Stats are based on aggregate data collected on a sample exceeding 15bn page views per month (4bn from the US) from the StatCounter network of more than 3m websites.