Chrome update nightmare: Pasting URLs into Outlook now a chore

28 Jun 2016

The latest Chrome update is proving remarkably frustrating for a number of users, with the inability to copy and paste URLs into email client Outlook provoking ire among the community.

A few weeks ago, Chrome users realised there was a problem with their Outlook email client. After getting an update – 51.0.2704.79 – there was no longer a way to copy URLs from Chrome and paste them into an Outlook email.

Further updates (I’m on 51.0.2704.106) have not fixed it yet.

Future Human

Considering just how popular Cmd+C, Cmd+V are as the world and its dog go digital, then mobile, this has proved terribly annoying for some.

Weirdly, when you go to paste into the email client, the underline button highlights, almost like you’re actually typing Cmd+U, rather than Cmd+V.

A thread on the Google Chrome Help Forum sports a long, long list of frustrated users, with a few fixes to the problem suggested.

The most straightforward option is copying and pasting the URL into an email subject line, BCC, CC or address box. Then copy and paste that URL into the body.

According to James Lamb, who reported the issue to Google, the bug has been moved to ‘Started’, meaning they’ve recognised it as a legitimate bug and they’re working to repair it.

“The issue will be fixed in Chrome version 52, which will probably be released to the stable channel in late July,” said developers.

“If you’re anxious to get a fixed version sooner, you can switch to the Beta channel, which should have the fix when the new beta version is released later this week.”

If you rely on copy and paste quite a lot, and this fix is too much of a delay, you could always just use Firefox, Safari or Edge. But if you’re a Chrome fan, you’ll just have to wait a few weeks.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic