Chromebox and Mac Mini under attack as HP launches new Pavilion Mini and Stream Mini

6 Jan 2015

Pavilion Mini image via HP

The growing market for shrinking computers means HP is now taking on Apple and Google, with both the Pavilion Mini and Stream Mini as potential game changers in the sector.

Despite helping manufacture some Chromeboxes, HP had as yet steered clear of this mini market. But the these new releases – both fairly tiny – look very serious challengers as HP tries to open up Windows-based operating systems into a brand new realm.

The Pavilion Mini is just two inches in height and weighs just 1.6lbs, with Windows 8.1 enabled. There’s up to 1Tb of storage, up to 8gb of expandable storage, four USB connections, with DisplayPort and HDMI compatible ports too, costing $319.99.

The starting price for the Stream Mini is $179.99, coming with 32gb SSD, 200gb of Microsoft OneDrive Storage for two years and a $25 gift card for the Windows Store.

They both look quite cool, with rounded edges, however the real kicker for budget shoppers will be the included keyboard and mouse, necessities which usually cost extra when buying mini devices.

Available in the US from January 14, a wider rollout will follow in February, however the countries which will sell the device are not yet named.

Pavilion Mini rear ports via HP

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic