Google Chromecast app gets name change with new TV set

23 Mar 2016

Chromecast is no more, as Google has decided to rename the casting service app Google Cast ahead of the launch of the first TV built-in with the technology from the manufacturer Vizio.

The Chromecast has proven quite popular since it was launched back in 2013 as a way of making any TV a smart TV by casting apps, video and music onto a TV screen using the Chromecast dongle.

Now, however, Google says that the name will be no longer for the app at least as it doesn’t fit in with the fact it now works on a whole range of devices, not just TV screens.

We have reviewed it favourably before, and the Chromecast has proven itself to be popular with people looking for a cheaper alternative to the likes of the Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV players.

To be called simply Google Cast, the first TV that will come with the streaming capabilities built in will be Vizio’s new SmartCast P-Series of TVs, as well as its soundbars and speakers.

Daredevil Netflix

A Vizio P-Series TV. Image via Google

The hardware manufacturer has established itself as the largest seller of TVs in the US, with aims of moving from the traditional model of TV sales by ditching the remote control in favour of a 6in Android tablet on its new P-Series TVs.

Through the remote, you can then access casting-enabled content like YouTube and Netflix, controlling volume and any other functions as you would on a normal remote control.

Google says that the renamed app, along with a few updates, will be rolled out sometime this week on both Android and iOS.


This article was amended to clearly state it is the app that is getting a name change, not the Chromecast device itself.

Chromecast dongle image via Robert Fruehof/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic