Collins Online English Dictionary updates with tech terms bashtag, lollage – and Facebook

12 Sep 2012

More than 80 words – many of them pertaining to the latest in tech – are now included in the Collins Online English Dictionary.

The online reference selected 86 words from thousands of words the public had submitted to Collins as potential additions to the dictionary, such as bashtag (a hashtag that is used for critical and abusive comments), lollage (the practice of using the text messaging abbreviation LOL), and even Facebook (a popular social networking website).

“We were optimistic about just how keen people would be to take part, but have been blown away by the volume and variety of submissions, and the way that this opportunity to contribute and help document the English language has captured the public imagination,” Alex Brown, head of digital at Collins, told The Press Association.

Collins, which opened up its inclusion process to make the way language is recorded more democratic, added that the new entries will now be considered for the dictionary’s print edition.

Members of the public can continue to submit words to the online reference, however.  

Here is a list of the new tech words in the Collins Online English Dictionary:

Tech terms

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic