Company sells US$30,000 coffins that come with music system

5 Sep 2013132 Views

Visitors to graves in Sweden may soon be able to hear music streamed into the coffins, now that a company is selling coffins equipped with two-way speakers and an account with music-streaming service Spotify.

The company, Pause Ljud & Bild, said CataCombo Sound System coffins cost US$30,000. An accompanying headstone will feature a digital display that will reveal to visitors the name the current track playing from Spotify into the coffin, WNYW-TV reported.

Pause Ljud & Bild added that its first customer, Fredrik Hjelmquist, is allowing strangers to add tracks to his ‘Pause 4-ever’ playlist.

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Hjelmquist is CEO of Pause, an audio equipment store in Stockholm. So far, his ‘Pause 4-ever’ playlist includes Atmosphere by Joy Division, Teardrop by Massive Attack, and Cemetery Gates by The Smiths.

Music streaming image via Shutterstock

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