Crackdown 2 gives players keys to the city

23 Aug 2010

Extras add-ons and content for ‘Crackdown 2’ include the Keys to the City, a well-known expansion that was extremely popular in the original game and gives the player exciting additions including God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam and the spawning of weapons and gadgets.

How awesome is the Keys to the City add-on? Infinite kinds of awesome! This ultimate cheat mode not only gives you God Mode and all the aforementioned goodies but there’s the ability to freeze the time of day and max out your skills so that you are as fast, strong as lethal as they come!

Those who have been gaming away without cheat mode and managed to make it to level 6 will get their just rewards: a new Thruster Ability, which is basically a jet-pack for your feet so you have vertical propulsion and can fly in the Wingsuit whenever you want.

There’s more! A new multiplayer mode lets you join your friends (up to eight players in total) for Vehicle Tag where you can compete in six different arenas: Speed is the Quay, Industrial Action, Maim Street, Skid Row, Beachhead and The Sum of Human Knowledge.

This Toy Box add-on is free to download through Xbox Live but if you want extra premium content you can get 10 new achievements, new Avatar awards plus some new vehicles and gadgets for 560 Microsoft points.

This includes Portable Launch Pads (allows Agents to create their own launch pad jumps), Stickler Grenade (bouncing grenade that sets off smaller explosive charges as it bounces), Thrusters (allow vertical thrust), and Mags on Characters (allows Mag Grenades to be attached to characters). How cool?

And if you’re into the fashion side of things you can also get eight new agent suit colours with inventive names including Agent Orange and Dem Apples.