Dell introduces netbook/tablet hybrid, brings tablet computing to healthcare

15 Sep 2010

Dell has revealed a new computer that can convert from a tablet to a netbook. The company is taking the tablet market beyond the consumer market, integrating its new Streak tablet with its established healthcare software.

Dell showed the device, called the Inspiron Duo, at the Intel Developer Forum 2010.

The company showed it as a tablet computer, before opening to the keyboard and swivelling the screen with its frame to make it a netbook.

The device has a 10-inch screen, has a dual-core Atom N550 chip and runs on Windows 7 Premium.

Dell has also revealed it is integrating its healthcare software into its new Streak tablet.

This will allow doctors to access patient information and electronic medical records on the go.

Dell has had a huge focus on healthcare, spending $3.9bn to buy Perot Systems, which has a strong healthcare customer base and serves most hospital systems in the US.

“When we designed the device we thought about what a clinician might like, it’s the perfect size to fit into a lab coat, and allows you to be able to communicate anywhere,” said Jamie Coffin, vice-president of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Dell has also said the Streak can help extend a hospital’s information network for secure and speedy access to a patient’s data.

The Streak tablet is a 5-inch touchscreen computer that runs on Google’s Android software.