Dell’s new Adamo line rivals MacBook

18 Mar 2009

What was it that made us drool over the latest MacBooks? Truth be told, the aluminium unibody was a large contributing factor, as was the rest of the overall design. Now imagine the PC world was to get this kind of overhaul. Well, it is, with Dell’s brand new Adamo line of notebooks. And the insides ain’t too bad either.

Adamo is Dell’s attempt to marry cutting-edge technology with aesthetically pleasing design. With this in mind, all models are carved from a single piece of aluminium and have edge-to-edge high-gloss screens, as well as a quiet-as-a-mouse solid state drive.

The Adamo also has a back-lit keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional integrated mobile broadband.

The Adamo line is the strongest case yet to stay with the PC if you were tempted to go with an Apple MacBook. Dell has clearly been beavering away at this line for a while, and the entire design and concept seems flawless.

To showcase what the Adamo line will represent, Dell yesterday unveiled the first Adamo, which it claims is the world’s thinnest laptop.

Prices for the Adamo start at US$1999, and it comes in two varieties: Oynx and Pearl. MacBook killer, anyone?