Derry games developer releases Dead Hungry Diner demo

14 Jan 2012

Derry-based game developer Black Market Games has released the demo of its first game, Dead Hungry Diner, an action-puzzle game where players must manage a restaurant that serves monsters.

The company, founded in June 2011, launched the demo of the game where players can take the role of either Gabe or Gabby, a pair of orphans who aim to save the village of Ravenwood, which gets attacked by monsters, by managing a restaurant catered to them.

The game features 55 levels across five worlds, with both a story mode and endless mode.

Players must serve their monster customers and keep them satisfied. They must keep them in control by calling on Frankie the bouncer to break up fights between customers. They can also buy spells to manage the restaurant better to prevent monster customers leaving without paying and unlock new spells as the game progresses.

The PC demo for Dead Hungry Diner is out now. The game will be out on PCs and Macs, with an iOS version planned to be released a few months later.