Derry’s Dark Water wins critics over with Dogfighter

26 May 2010

The video-gaming press are all over a new aerial combat game developed by Derry gaming company Dark Water called Dogfighter. The gritty combat game is being remarked upon for its realism and thrilling effects.

Dark Water StudiosDogfighter, a next-generation PC game, has entered its beta stage with previews and reviews from industry magazines proving positive.

The title, distributed through Steam for the PC, and an Xbox 360 title also expected, is set for worldwide release on 14 June.

“It’s basically Quake III in a flat-top,” wrote industry bible PC Gamer in a review. “Massive arenas riddled with shortcuts and weapon pickups, from mines to rocket launchers and all manner of bullet-launching apparatus. It’ll be about stg£12 on steam when it launches on the 14th of June, and it’ll probably be a hoot.”

“Since it’s an unproved dev, I wouldn’t normally post about it pre-release,” wrote a reviewer on gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun, “but its trailer is actually really quite nifty, showcasing its arena-set flight-lunacy. Not as mad as Illusion Softwork’s great-lost-game (NOT REALLY!) Flying Heroes because there’s no teapots of death, but it’s giving it a good shot in a Crimson-Skies-kinda-way.”

By John Kennedy

Dogfighter from Dark Water

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years